Our Work

We are a volunteer network of women and men multidisciplinary researchers from across Uganda’s Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), research institutes, government and the Private Sector. Members serve in their individual and/or institutional capacity. We currently have members from the central, north, east and west regions.

Why we exist

To eliminate all vestiges of gender inequity in all aspects of life in our higher education and research institutes. We advise institutions on ways to bring greater equity to their recruitment, admission, and retention practices, in the formulation of research teams, in the actual deign of research, in the development of course content and teaching practices and the management of classroom spaces.

Our work

Our work aims to raise awareness of the need to create a more gender equitable research system in Ugandan institutions of research and higher education; to strengthen the capacity of individuals and institutions to mainstream gender at institutional level. We focus on the following areas:

Mainstreaming gender at institutional level
Developing capacity of a core resource group to support universities across Uganda
Gender equitable HR processes, recruitment and retention, family-friendly policies
Developing the capacity of researchers to apply gender equitable lens in the conceptualisation, design, implementation and publication of research studies